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Ipex Praha

Ipex Praha – it is a company with real achievements, the official Ukrainian representative office of the Czech company Ipex-Praha S.R.O. The main direction of our work is the development and support of our own projects. In the organization of the company Ipex Praha uses innovative technologies that help to achieve high results of the team.


To ensure the comfortable work of the team, modern offices with the latest equipment are designed.

More than
of our projects

Using all the latest available technologies we create projects that generate a huge number of new leads.

IT - department

  • Development department
  • Marketing department
  • SEO department
  • Design department
  • Content department

Specialists of the development department design and create software products. Complex approach and Agile-methods allow to develop projects from zero, and also to optimize existing ones. Our department implements individual high-quality solutions in the development of custom web applications, portals, sites and mobile applications for our own projects.

Development department

Specialists in marketing area research and market segmentation, develop strategies for promoting a product or service, select the most effective methods of influencing the target audience and set up effective advertising campaigns. The main direction of the work of the marketing department is to increase sales.

Marketing department

SEO specialists are engaged in the analysis, optimization and promotion of sites in the Google and Yandex search systems. Applying the most advanced ways to increase the number of visitors, the SEO department strengthens the position of the company's website in the TOPs of searches.

SEO department

UI / UX experts develop a design of different levels of complexity - from internal admin panels to mobile applications. Designers create a functional and comfortable, yet stylish design, guided by the principles of usability and focusing on the final user. The design department of our company is a vivid example of a fact that combination of technical knowledge and aesthetic taste brings results.

Design department

Specialists of the department create high-quality information content in order to increase the value of products and the recognition of the company. Our selling scripts favorably affect the SEO-promotion of sites and bring relevant traffic. The main goal of the content department is to keep the user's attention and to encourage them to purchase the product or service of the company.

Content department

Specialists of the sales department provide the most comfortable and fast interaction with customers, as well as professionally present the products and services of the company. At our disposal there are effective strategies and tools that promote sales.


The main task of our juristic department is to provide qualified services for each client. We use only professional methods for rendering legal services. Our lawyers provide high-quality consultations in the field of international law, provide preparation of all types of contracts and juristic support for each client of the company.

Human Resources
(HR) department

The HR department takes care of every employee of the company and creates a favorable working atmosphere in order to maximize the productivity of the whole team. HR-managers are engaged in selection, assessment, training and adaptation of the company staff. Particular attention is paid to motivational programs for employees.


Our company is developing rapidly due to the expansion of the partner network. This department of the company is engaged in negotiations and conclusion of contracts with potential partners. The emergence of new business cooperation ensures the sale of products on the international market and contributes to the company's profit increase.

Our main principle is a professional approach to problem solving

The main direction of work of our company is delivering the juristic services and the assistance in the international law.

Assistance in the international law.

We encourage the conduct of investment activities, the selection and purchase of real estate, the registration of companies abroad. We have an extensive network of business partners all around the world.

Juristic services

We support and protect the interests of our own business in the legal field. We make all the types of contract arrangements and provide juristic support for each deal.

Development and realization

of creative ideas strengthen the position
of our company

in the Ukrainian and international
markets of services.

We always develop new topical solutions and embody them in the best products.




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